Top 10 Naxos Beaches

You better pay a visit to this shore by car. Naxos beaches are split up into various beaches and bays, with sand and little pebbles. There are quite a few beaches in the region Glyfada and south Alyko.

Prior to deciding on what islands to view you’ll find a couple things that you should know that may affect your options. you will require some system of transport Naxos Island is rather a huge Island. It is a spot. The island of Naxos, Greece has a history that is wonderful, since it was among the cultural and industrial centres.

You are able to enjoy several of the beaches without the crowds. The shore is extremely beautiful, the sand is bright and nice. There’s a massive shore comprising an area of sand along with small marble pebbles. It is a beach, not arranged in any way with crystal clear sea and nice sand, the best choice for anybody pool.

The shore is, in reality, a string of calmness that is offering creeks and a great sea to folks who opt to come here. It can be accessed by car. It is an extremely lengthy clothes-optional beach. It’s somewhat quiet beach.