Famous Naxos Religion Spots

A Guide for the World ‘s Most Famous Tourist Attractions, Naxos is the biggest and most prosperous of the Cyclades Islands of Greece. With a thriving crop of olives, apples, pears, and potatoes which make the tourist industry un-necessary it’s relatively new to tourism. More speedy travel and also a brand new airport make it much easier for visitors. Additionally, there are clusters of hotels on the island shores and hotels inside the vent. Naxos hosts contemporary pilgrimage churches, early temple ruins, along with some architecture that is distinctive thanks before it fell to the Turks in 36, to this Venetians who ruled Naxos. Venetian architecture’s effect is obvious from the fortified towers, which scatter the hillsides and the Kastro at Hora. Another quality of Naxos can be a prosperity of chapels, despite villages criteria that are Greek. A number of them contain exemplary frescoes from the 9th to the 13th centuries.